Catering Information

How long of a lead-time do I need to book your services?

We would like to have 7 days lead time to ensure the best product and service at your event. However, we know how things happen so please just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cash and corporate checks. No personal checks.

Do you accept rain checks?

Sorry, because there is so much preparation for an event, there are no rain checks. Rain or shine, we will be there.

Do you charge a minimum for private events?

Yes, we require a $800 minimum to come out for a private event.

How long do you serve at an event?

Our typical serving time for an event is 2 hours for approximately 200 servings. If you require longer serving time, we can arrange on a per event basis. Please note, additional time may add to your cost.

Product Information

Do your ice cream products contain gluten?

The only flavors that contain gluten are the ones that have cookies, cookie dough and cake in the ingredients.

Are your ice cream products Kosher?

We make our products in the kosher tradition, but we do not have them certified.

Do you pasteurize your fruit ingredients?

Yes, our fruit ingredients are pasteurized.

Do any of your ice cream products contain animal derivatives other than pork in gelatin?

Our products contain no animal derivatives

What stabilizers do you use in your products?

Zantham Gum and Poly 90

Do you have more nutrition information?

The nutrition information can be found here

Is there egg in your ice cream?

We do not use eggs to make our ice cream.

Are there peanuts in your products?

We have a couple flavors that use peanuts, the rest of the flavors are made using machinery that made those flavors.

Are there GMO ingredients in your products?

We are very passionate about true public’s right to know about how their food is grown, and manufactured, to this end there is no way, in this country, to know if there are GMO ingredients in our products. If we suspect there are, such as in ALL soybean products, then we will not use that ingredient. We will always take the position of not using a food ingredient that has Genetically Modified Organisms as part of the structure.